Hi there! I am

Jaime Blasco


I am a curious and passionate young person with the desire to use technology to improve people’s life.


iOS/Android Development

More than 2.6b people in the world uses a mobile device with which you can improve easily their lives. With 4 years of experience, I have been focusing my app development career on solving real problems and offering an intuitive and rewarding user experience

Industrial Engineering

The degree provides the necessary tools to create and improve, to connect the physical world with the digital one, to help people in need and improve quality of life. Dream, create the unimaginable and change the world in a positive way.

UI/UX Design

Design is a way to communicate. A brand identity should represent your values, services, ideas and personality. A Human Experience Design considers the needs of all parts and conveys positive feelings as: connection, safety, satisfaction...


Contributing positively to society is one of the most important values for me. Raised since childhood in a scout group, I have been educated in the values of self-denial, loyalty, and service. As a current leader, we try to educate people through action and enhance physical, spiritual and mental development.


Web app development sine I was 14, an intership in the backend department, iot courses, awards, conferences....

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